Wholesale customers can purchase/order large (case-based) quantities of many of the customizable items that we sell, with or without customization, at deep discounts.

Marketplace customers are given access to specific tools, products, and pricing that let them set up their own storefronts on our website with custom designed products, as a way to earn extra money!

Yes, and are two mutually exclusive websites.

If you already have an account with our main retail website, you can send us an email request, and we can import your account to this website.

You will still need to activate the account in order to shop the products on this website.

Customers interested in earning money through their own Marketplace shop will need to set up an account through the Webkul Marketplace App to create their own storefront on this website.


While these situations are unfortunate, they do happen, and because of this, every product is sent out with insurance.

Please refer to our "Shipping Policies" page for more information on how to resolve these issues.


Please be aware that if you reside in one of the more than 160 countries that participate in the VAT (Value Added Tax) system, VAT (or sometimes referred to as GST, or Goods and Services Tax) will be added by your country's customs agency before your order will be released to the carrier for final shipment.

It is strongly recommended for customers located outside of the U.S. to contact your local customs agency to inquire about the import process, and what taxes your order may be subject to at the time of import.

Please be aware that VAT is not covered in any of the product or shipping charges that are invoiced at the time your order was placed, and the responsibility to settle VAT charges lies with the purchaser/customer.

Please be aware that any order that is returned to Craftworks NW due to non-payment of VAT will be subject to restocking fees, to include (in some situations) the withholding of shipping charges.

That depends on quantities, inventory on hand, etc.

Most products sold through our website are deemed to be "in stock" as long as stock is available through our network of suppliers.

At the time your order is placed, we will place an order with the appropriate supplier, who will ship the product to our shop. This can take anywhere from 2-7 days depending on where that product actually originates from.

Once the product arrives at our shop, the order is processed, which typically takes 1-2 days on average.

Our shop is located in Vancouver, WA, USA, so once the order has been shipped, delivery times will vary depending on your location.

Orders processed for delivery in the U.S. typically take 3-7 business days to arrive.

International deliveries can take an average of 7-21 days.

Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

We use all major carriers, and local courier partners.

You will be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

We offer free shipping on orders that are $199.00+ USD to the U.S. and Canada!

Wholesale Products & Services

Absolutely, however, there are some restrictions to be aware of:

1. The customization for the order will be applied to the entire case.

2. If simple, limited text edits to the design, such as names, dates, titles, etc. are desired, we can accommodate those minor design changes. Simply add the request to the Order Notes while processing through checkout, or send an email after your purchase to:

3. Broader changes to the major design components within the products contained in a case, such as logos, emblems, photos/pictures, backgrounds are not permitted.

Each product has a base charge for the product, whether you want to have the product customized, or not.

If you opt to have the product customized, you will be charged for the overall size of the design, for each surface that is available to be customized.

The customization charges are then multiplied for the total number of products in the case, and shown in the total product price.

Customization is completely optional, but is an additional charge if you wish to purchase those services.

If you want to order products at the pricing shown on our Marketplace website, then yes.

A case consists of a single variant/color, in the quantities shown in each listing.

We are only able to offer the shown wholesale pricing on products that are sold by the case.

That being said, we can offer a price break when multiple cases are ordered.

If you wish to order individual products, or wish to mix and match the items in your order, then those orders will need to be placed through our retail website:

Wholesale orders are for a single variant/color per case.

Mix and matching colors/variants within the same case is not permitted.


There are no restrictions, or limitations with regard to image type, or image format, however, some formats are absolutely easier to use than others.

Image files in a vector format are the simplest format to use for customization.

If you are uploading a graphic file with an .ai file extension, be sure that the file has been saved as a ".pdf compatible image file", or it will not upload.

If a bitmap image is all you have, and graphic development services are not what you are looking for, then high resolution .png bitmap images with a transparent background are simpler than .pngs with a background, or .jpgs.

That is not to say that bitmaps with a background can't be used, there will just be a few additional steps through the customizer to set the graphic up to be compatible in a laser engraving application.

No, absolutely not! We do require registration, and if you are a tax-exempt organization, we will also require tax-exemption docs to be provided in order to exempt your orders from being charged sales tax.

Unlike products that are ordered from our retail website (, orders that are placed from this website will not receive a Craftworks NW brand.

It is understood that most products ordered via wholesale are going to primarily be Business-to-Business customers, with their own branding/marketing/promotional interests, so orders placed here will not receive a brand.

That being said, if you are an event planner, and organizing a function where receiving our brand will not override your own business-related concerns, we would absolutely love to be able to brand our product, however, we will never do so without first receiving your approval.

If it is not already a part of the design you created in the customizer, and you want to have your order branded in a non-standard location (like the bottom of drinkware), then we will be able to accommodate such requests, however, there will be additional fees (issued by quote) due to the additional required handling and engraving time.

The short answer is no.

Coupons issued through our retail website are only good for that website, and vice versa.

We may offer promotions and coupon discounts on periodically, but the two websites operate exclusively from one another, and coupon codes issued for one website will cannot be redeemed, or accepted by the other.

Marketplace Products & Services

We have set up a marketplace solution that will allow users to sell customized products from our product catalog through their own dedicated storefront.

We have set aside special product pricing that will give users the room they need to set retail pricing, and earn money for their organization, or business!

It's an easy way to set up a merchandise shop for your school, sports team, church, non-profit, or side hustle without having to worry about any of the logistics in getting your products out to your customers!

Every order that is placed through your Marketplace store is fulfilled at our shop, located in Vancouver, WA, and shipped direct to your customers!

There are no contracts, but there may be monthly fees, depending on how large of a Market shop you want to run.

We wanted costs to be predictable for our users, so we opted for a flat rate subscription model instead of a percentage-based fee on each sale.

We do offer a 'Free' subscription option, which will let users set up shop, and get used to things without any commitments or monthly fees.

We have recently increased the number of listings from 5 to 15 with the Free plan.

You are free to move your shop between plans, and can cancel at any time.

For information on creating a marketplace account, please review the User Guide.

A basic overview of how to make money through CWNW Market is as follows:

1. Each Marketplace product will have a base product cost, which is comprised of the product charge + customization costs. That combined cost becomes your base product price. The more complex, and involved your design, and customization options, the higher the customization cost will be.

2. Once you have gone through the customization process outlined in the listing, the product will be added to your Market shop, and set with the minimum base product price.

3. You can then adjust the price above that minimum at any amount that you see fit. This will be the cost that your customers will see through your market shop!

4. Once a customer places an order through your shop, the base product price is deducted from the sale, and you keep the rest!

For example: If you have a product with a base customized price of $14.42, and you set your retail price at $29.99, you will keep the difference of $15.57!

Absolutely not!

Our marketplace is open to anyone who wants to earn extra $$$ through the sale of customized products!

If you want to get an idea of how your storefront will appear to your customers, check out our Non-Profit and Team Store Demo Shops!

To start, simply go to the Marketplace product listings, click the 'Customize' button!

Follow the steps outlined in the product description, or our User Guide!

After you have gone through the steps of customizing your product, there is some backend work that will need to be done, but within 12-24 hours your product will be listed in your shop, and ready to start selling!

Absolutely! Your shop will be set up with a URL redirect in the format of:

That will give you a simple link that you can pass along to your customers, embed in your own website, or market however you want to let your customers know where to shop!

A PayPal account is required to receive payment for product sales.

After your customer's order has been delivered, the system will automatically pay out the balance owed to your registered PayPal account.

Currently, users are only able to list and sell products that are sold and fulfilled by Craftworks NW.

We are currently exploring ways to integrate the necessary tools that would allow users to sell/fulfill their own products.

More information on that topic will be released at a future date.

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